Monday, 3 March 2014

The Purest Evil in Canada

I have it!  Insight!

Okay, so I’ve gone to bed rethinking the issue of presenting hockey as shipping of miasma/pollution.  That overstretches, but it still stands as a civic metaphor.  I’ve rethought what it means, and I’ve rethought an old enemy of traditional fantasy to boot.

As each goal piles up in the nets of Olympic teams, I watched their games continue to slid, their performance begin to become sloppy.  I know now what is evil in Canada, and it is something I have struggled with all of my life.  That the NEWS says others struggle with, leading to death and suicide, much more than I.


Hockey is about shipping depression into the faces of others to purify the self.

The Easel of Life (Government) causes Depression with every stroke, trading local munificence for troubles elsewhere.

Depression manifests as voices.  These voices speak evil and lies into the ears of listeners, magnifying failures and brushing aside successes as luck.  Fools speak for Depression, become the voices of Depression, but they are heard long after the fool has stopped speaking.
Depression leads to Death, mostly wasteful Death.

Death is inertia taken to extreme.  One cannot act in Death.

How does one battle Depression?  Activity.  Action.  Hockey is a game in motion, never too much time to think.  It is swift and fierce, raw and dangerous.  It is a contradiction in terms of grace and force, demanding the heights of its players, demanding that they become extremely active, and that they trust…

Another “cure” for Depression is the Christus.  Jesus Christ, according to a quite dormant myth that should never be taken for lost in Canada, died for our sins.  In this vision, he went down into the realm of the dead, and all of the souls lost in Depression therein he freed, taking them on the Heaven.  In the Lord, our God, we are saved.  Jesus is a contradiction to the rules set out above, but this contradiction too is one I know of in my own life.  Jesus died passively, a victim of the injustices of this world.  All similarly who die passively of injustice are His to claim, and He will intercede for them.  They will not know the death of Depression, lost in despair, they will know Him and be welcomed by Him.

Never give up.  Those who die of Depression, who end themselves, will not escape it, but live within it.  Those who die of injustice, and live fighting it until dusty death takes them, shall know His Kingdom. 

This suggestion casts Depression as the ultimate evil in our world.  It is also our foolishness that causes it to be, our fault.  Action remedies it, but is instead a way of shipping it to others; it is ours to live in, and we move it to others to save ourselves.  But there is a point where action helps and passivity is better.  Knowing when to work and when to wait, knowing what we can help and what we cannot, knowing when to let go, is part of the battle with Depression.

All I need is a suitably fantasy based name for Depression, something that would tip the hand and inform careful readers what I mean it to be…

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